TT 78: Noir City, Jazz Gallery Lockdown session

Rio Sakairi is doing the Lord’s work at the Jazz Gallery, keeping her community together during pandemic times. I was honored to be asked to participate in the Lockdown Sessions this coming Saturday night, details here. (Arta Jekabsone, Rafiq Bhatia, and Jason Palmer make up the rest of the quartet.)


The latest issue of Noir City is out, which includes my appreciation of the Johnny Mandel scores for Harper and Point Blank.

There’s actually quite a lot of music-related material in this issue: David Mamet talks the motivic appeal of Glenn Gould and Bach during his interview with Eddie Muller, Brian Light looks at Odds Against Tomorrow with a famous score by John Lewis (Paul Motian told me that was some of his favorite music), Martyn Waites makes a case for The Small World of Sammy Lee starring Anthony Newley, better known as the lyricist of “Goldfinger,” and there’s even a redemptive reading of Sinatra’s Tony Rome by Christopher Chambers.

In what is a rather bizarre crossover in my own life, Vince Keenan reviews Wendy Lesser’s book Scandinavian Noir. Vince and Wendy are two of my editors and friends but have never met — maybe I’ll be able to arrange that at some point…

The whole issue is a knockout. (David Mamet and Walter Hill fans seriously need this one.) Subscribe at the Film Noir Foundation.