TT 77: Today at Smalls/The Sandbaggers

Today from 4:45 to 6:30, I’ll be playing with Ben Street and Nasheet Waits at Smalls, streamed on the FaceBook page. I’ve written several new compositions to go with a few older ones. Since Ben and Nasheet play at such a high level — there’s nobody better, in my opinion —these fresh pieces are reasonably “easy.” Ben and Nasheet will be free to inhabit the basic structures and exhibit their full personality from the first downbeat.

At the Bells and Motley
Praise Will Travel
You Will Never Be Mine
Hand In Hand
Hymn of the Old
I Confess
Technically Acceptable


Andrew Batson saw a tweet of mine praising THE SANDBAGGERS, watched the series, and wrote up an excellent review. (This is the way it’s supposed to work!) Excellent pandemic viewing…