TT 62: "Carolina Shout" with 4 Pianists + John Cumming interview (RIP)

Tomorrow, Friday at 7pm EST, Songbook Watch Party hosted by Dominick Farinacci gives Sullivan Fortner, Aaron Diehl, Mathis Picard and myself a chance to play our interpretations of James P. Johnson’s "Carolina Shout." In the 1920s, those in know more or less had to learn "Carolina Shout" to be considered jazz pianists. Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Willie the Lion Smith, and everyone else were "required" to learn it. Tomorrow, see how the four of us are playing it today….

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This event is co-presented with Catskill Jazz Factory.

On DTM: A posthumous interview with John Cumming, an important promoter of jazz in the UK.