TT 60: Keith Jarrett, Jimmy Lyons, Wynton Kelly/Jimmy Cobb

I had a pretty good time teaching my students remotely. Working from home forced me to write down a few things for Keith Jarrett’s 75th birthday.


I also live-tweeted a re-listen to the first few Standards Trio albums.

This was a popular tweet thread, so I also did it with Weather Report (the in-between years ‘twixt Miroslav Vitous and Jaco Pastorius, usually Alphonso Johnson was on bass)

and the first three Old and New Dreams CDs.


The latest JazzTimes Chronology is about Jimmy Lyons and his masterpiece LP, Other Afternoons.


Farewell Jimmy Cobb!

The score to Wynton Kelly’s “Freddie Freeloader” can be seen at DTM along with a couple more comments about Mr. Cobb. If any TT readers want the PDF, hit me back on email.


I’ve been still doing the TV themes, up to 24, running out of gas a bit, will stop with either 25 or 30.

I also offered a minor salute

and a tiny birthday present for Darcy James Argue