TT 58: Mel Powell

Last newsletter of the week, I promise! Tune into my socials if you want to keep up with the TV themes. (I’m about to try practicing Doctor Who, which — somehow — I have never attempted to play.)

Too many newsletters…but this essay is a big one for DTM, it’s been in the works for months, and so I gotta get the word out.

It’s nice when one of my deep dives gets noticed, but really I do these things for myself. As with Hall Overton and Gunther Schuller, I see Mel Powell as a direct forbear of my own work. This DTM essay is one way to clear the brush when contemplating my own future as a composer and pianist…

Mel Powell Unfurnished.


Yesterday’s TV theme was Murder, She Wrote. I’ve been reading all the Jane Marple lately and I love the cover of that omnibus edition….