TT 54: Lee Konitz, "Danger" Chord

A distressing number of great jazz musicians are dying too soon because of COVID-19. The loss of Lee Konitz really hits home. I wrote up a reasonably frank memorial post for DTM.

On a lighter note, I had a lot of fun with the “Danger” chord.


Don’t forget, this Sunday is Miranda Cuckson playing my brand-new “Tempo Giusto” for Connecting ACO Community.


I’m not planning to turn the TV themes project into a Mancini project…I would have stopped at two (Newhart and Pink Panther) but Vince Keenan told me I had to do Peter Gunn for Henry’s birthday yesterday. Fair enough. Henry Mancini certainly is one of the great American composers…perhaps when this crisis is over I should relax by making a whole album of Mancini…

Tonight I’m planning on the “Hero theme” from Sherlock. That will be ten; I’ll do at least ten more.