TT 53: Tempo Giusto for Miranda; Herbie Hancock, more TV themes

This Sunday at 5 PM EST, I am joining Miranda Cuckson and the American Composers Orchestra in Connecting ACO Community, an initiative where composers write pieces for solo performers.

Program note:

“Tempo giusto” is a 19th-century term asking for a reasonably clear beat. One of the translations from the Italian is, “At the right time.” My piece is part fantasy and part hoedown. The fiddler is encouraged to treat the work as expressively as Bach or Ysaÿe; rubato and extremes of dynamics are perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, as long as those theatrics happen at the right time. 

Miranda is a friend and also a truly great artist; when she played me Tempo Guisto for me over FaceTime I was thrilled to my very core. She has edited the work to make it more violinistic.

We kick off this ACO series on Sunday the 19th; the collaborations continue through May with truly an all-star line-up of composers and performers.

“If The $5 entrance fee poses a barrier to participation, interested listeners will be asked to fill out an anonymous form at or email Aiden Feltkamp at to request a fee waiver.”


My NEC missives continue with more Riffs for the late Richard Teitelbaum and quite a lot about Herbie Hancock, who turned 80 on Sunday. Scroll down past the Bill Evans stuff. (Next up, some opinionated comments about Keith Jarrett.)


TV themes are continuing:

I got a nice review from my old pal Alicia: “My 4-yr-old LOVES your theme song videos. Griffin woke up from his nap yesterday and came sprinting out— ‘Mama, can I have a snack and can we listen to Ethan play the theme song from Dallas with those dinosaurs I love? I noticed his fingers move really fast sometimes.’”