TT 52: Gary Peacock, Bill Evans, TV Themes

In these pandemic times, one easy little thing we can do is give clicks to arts publications. You don’t even need to read the pieces, but just give the clicks, so the publishers can show their advertisers that people are reading something besides Covid-19 coverage.

In that spirit, click over to my new Chronology piece for JazzTimes, about Gary Peacock.

On DTM, I’ve made good on my threat to write about Bill Evans for my students.

And, I’ve also started recording TV themes at home and posting them on my socials. Why the heck not. The Rockford Files yesterday was pretty good and went moderately viral, having been viewed over 7,000 times on Twitter so far.

I’m not exactly taking requests but if someone has a notably good idea for a solo piano TV theme in this kind of low-rent production, send it along…