TT 34: Harold Shapero, more on jazz standards

New DTM overview:

Harold Shapero’s Credo. Credo is one of my favorite pieces ever! And I finally found the score down at the Library of Congress. It made sense to transcribe Credo for piano and do a quick overview of the rest of Shapero.

New guest post by Seattle musician Jacob Zimmerman, Eight American Popular Songs + A Tribute to Alec Wilder. Beautiful stuff about looking at the sheet music.


The Spectrum Second Annual Modern Piano (+) Festival started yesterday and continues through December. Full listing here; I’m playing Friday at 9 pm after Sonya Belaya (7 pm) and Jacob Rhodebeck (8 pm).

The last time I was at Spectrum I heard Rhodebeck perform two movements of Universe by Gerald Humel, a composer born in Cleveland but who spent most of his artistic life in Berlin. I was astounded by both the score and and the performance, and immediately bought the CD recorded by Jeffery Burns. Universe is now added to the major overview of 20th Century notated American piano music, Write it All Down.

That essay has been steadily becoming more accurate and extensive since going online a few months ago; I’m about ready to call it “finished,” although one of the nice things about DTM is how I can keep updating the commentary and fixing typos…