TT 18: Village Vanguard this week!

Just done with the last MMDG Pepperland until the Kennedy Center in November. Jacob Garchik took a good photo of the UK band with technical director Johan Henckens:

(Yegor Shevtsov, Brian Krock, Vinnie Sperrazza, Clinton Curtis, me, Johan, Rob Schwimmer)

New DTM: Recap of Healdsburg and Spoleto with Mark Turner.

THIS WEEK! Come on out to the Village Vanguard! These star soloists will have star lighting. Guaranteed.

I just spoke to the club, and they say that the reservations are looking respectable except for late sets Tuesday-Thursday, which might end up being a bit light. Last week Mark and I talked about how great the sound is in the club with only a few people in attendance. Those have been some of my favorite moments as a listener at the Vanguard, when there’s plenty of room to hang, and the band is deep into the music in front of a few true believers.

Thanks again for listening, reading, and going out to the show(s)…