TT 16: Desmond White, Colin Dexter

New DTM includes a substantial guest post by Desmond White, A Depressing Gig.

It's unusual to run something on DTM that is not explicitly about art, but I know from experience that mental health is a concern for the freelance musician. Desmond's story is compelling and his message is important.

There also a fresh Colin Dexter Diary.

Haven’t done a crime fiction survey in a while. This is pretty casual and probably only of interest to fellow Inspector Morse readers. Before I started, I could find only one Dexter overview online, which was a good enough reason to work on another.

There’s a post about the recent passings of drummer Lawrence Leathers and espionage novelist Anthony Price, plus a brief celebration of the jazz pianist Billy Kyle.

Two nights ago I had dessert with Carla Bley.

This was at the wonderful Healdsburg jazz festival after a double bill of the Carla Bley trio with Andy Sheppard and Steve Swallow and the Iverson/Mark Turner duo.

I also really enjoyed a rough ‘n tumble trio hit with Bob Hurst and Nate Winn in Detroit. At one point I spontaneously announced "Robert Leslie Hurst III" just like on the back of J-MOOD. Hadn't heard or worked with Winn before, but he was great! Keep your eyes peeled for Nate Winn…