New Year, New Newsletter

Hello! My old newsletter, Floyd Camembert Reports, stopped reaching inboxes for some reason, so I’m giving Substack a whirl…

The weekly listings for Do the Gig were successful. The reviews were less so, mainly because I don’t have what it takes in terms of time or patience to be a magazine editor. I still think more reviews of NYC jazz shows are needed, I just won’t be able to move that needle forward myself.

So: The weekly listings have moved to my home site. I’m still working on the kinks, the whole of Ethan is getting at least a slight revamp.

Do the Gig (weekly listings of NYC jazz)

Recent DTM posts include:

Herbie Nichols Trio (for his centennial)

Received Wisdom (for students)

McCoy Tyner’s Revolution (for his 80th birthday)

Chamber Music (for students)

I’ve had at least a dozen people ask to contribute to DTM over the years. (“You need to start charging!” has been a common comment.) Post TBP I do have enough work, but I admit every dollar makes another kind of difference now. The DTG listings cost me something, and of course the million-plus words on DTM has taken a fair amount of time. Indeed, over the next year I plan to spruce up all the best and informative older posts. Over the years I keep learning exactly what I want to say and how to best write it down.

If you want to support DTG and DTM, then you can subscribe monthly ($10) or yearly ($100).

If real money actually starts coming in I vow to keep working on it all as hard as I can. If I fizzle out I promise to pull the plug on the Substack model, I won’t keep taking money if the site isn’t generating new content.

To be clear, DTG and DTM will remain free, you can subscribe and pay only if you wish.

More soon!